Our Story

We started making our “alcohol alternative” drinks many years ago. At first just for ourselves and then for our friends who wanted to party but did not want alcohol or anything else that would be used by others to enhance the “party” experience.

So we made some drinks that were great for use at pubs and clubs as well as festivals. The first blend we made was our EUPHORIA blend as we all loved Damiana and it’s effects.

We then developed our RECOVERY blend for those of us still silly enough to like a drink or three of alcohol but smart enough to want to experience it differently.​

We continued using these blends among ourselves for many years until recently when we decided to share our party secrets with others.

Introducing THREE GOANNAS – Drink well!





A Maldon man is on a mission to encourage people to drink less alcohol and enjoy good mental health.

After 15 years of selling chai, hot chocolate and turmeric products (Chai Spice, Firehorse Organic and Vedic Goldenmilk) – Matt Pohle started to study the positive effects of herbs in drinks.

Matt is now one of the first people in Australia to create a range of non-alcoholic and low sugar drinks and cordials, using herbs associated with relaxation including Damiana, Japanese Raisin Tree, Passionflower, Ginseng and Wild Rosella Fruit.

“Damiana has traditionally used as a relaxant and aphrodisiac, mainly in South America. While studies have shown Japanese Raisin Tree is proven to have anti-inflammatory effects.”

Matt is also producing Fire Cider from a commercial kitchen in Castlemaine. It is also seeing high demand due to an increase in people wanting to buy foods which have been linked to boosting immunity.

Part of his motivation to start Three Goannas also comes from being a father of two girls aged 11 and 14. As they move into their teenage years, Matt wants to teach his daughters there are alternative drinks out there, which they can enjoy socially with friends, as an alternative to alcohol.

“My children’s maternal grandfather was also killed by drunk driver, I don’t want my children to ever have to experience the pain around problems caused by the effects alcohol.”

“It’s made me determined to encourage people to trying to enjoy relaxing drinks in a different way, while maintaining their mental and physical health.”
“My feelings about alcohol is that people use it as an excuse. An excuse to easily feel relaxed or to feel confident enough to talk to that person or brave enough to stand up to that situation. Alcohol is not necessary – it’s just an easy way out.”

For more information contact Matt on 0490 315 189