Fire Cider #9

Fire Cider no.9 is Three Goannas take on a traditional remedy known as Fire Cider or Master Tonic. Fire Cider no.9 contains 9 ingredients carried in apple cider vinegar (with the mother). All of our ingredients are sourced locally (where possible) and we are proud to use Harcourt Apple Cider Vinegar in our product.

Ingredients: apple cider vinegar with “the mother”, lemon, chilli, onion, horseradish, ginger, garlic, turmeric, cayenne pepper, black pepper.

We deliberately didn’t strain the product and have kept all the ingredients in the jar. Please use them: great in soup, stir fry and casseroles. Alternatively strain off the matter and keep the liquid.

Once opened please store in the fridge for prolonged use.

Fire Cider no.9 is spicy and we recommend drinking some water after you take it. At home we each take 1 tbsp per day. However to start with we recommend 1 tsp per day and work your way up.

Different ways to consume Fire Cider no.9

As a tall drink
Add 1tspn – 1tbsp Fire Cider no.9 to a glass
Add 1 tbsp honey
Add still or carbonated water while stirring

As a hot drink
Add 1tspn – 1tbsp Fire Cider no.9 to a mug
Add 1 tbsp honey
Add hot water while stirring

As a cocktail we like to call The Flaming Mary
Add 1tspn – 1tbsp Fire Cider no.9 to a glass
Add 200ml tomato juice or V8 spicy vegetable juice
Add a squeeze of lemon
Serve with a stick of celery and a slice of lemon

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All of our drinks contain the same simple base of water, raw sugar, citric acid and salt. The herb we use in this blend is damiana a favourite herb of ours.

​Damiana is considered to be euphoric and has been widely used in South America for many years.

We have flavoured EUPHORIA with our own lemon mytrle extract a fragrant Aussie bush food.

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RECOVERY is a blend that we are most proud of. We say this because of the secret ingredient DHM that has the amazing effect of helping the body to metabolise alcohol.

​We have blended the DHM with other herbs and added isotonic salts to assist with rehydration.

NOTE: We consider serving this drink to be a duty of care! Click here to Ask your publican to stock us.

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